Meet Harpdog Brown. . .

Harpdog Brown photo by   Lisa MacIntosh

Harpdog Brown photo by Lisa MacIntosh


Harpdog Brown is Canada's best classic blues band!  

Maple Blues Awards have named him Harmonica Player of the Year for 3 consecutive years!  He was recently inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in his hometown of Edmonton, AB.  He is a JUNO Nominee and still the only Canadian artist to hold the coveted Muddy Award from the Cascade Blues Society.  He is a gifted singer and an imaginative harmonica player and he's been a pillar of the Canadian Blues scene for over 30 years..

Harpdog Brown has grown a solid reputation as a real-deal purveyor of classic electric blues. Think of the old Chess Records and Sun Records of the late ’40s and early ‘50s. These days he’s been touring with a new show called Harpdog Brown & the Uptown Blues Band - a vintage New Orleans Blues sound featuring slide trombone, keyboards, and often a sax and clarinet. Still a vintage vibe, just a different vintage! This music will move you! They perform mostly originals yet they often include great songs of the masters from that era. Think Louis Jordan, Satchmo, Sonny Boy Williamson, Wynonie Harris, even Duke Ellington. Audiences are raving about this new show!

He’s been called a Blues Evangelist, and that’s a very fitting moniker. "I speak the blues like it's the truth, and it is”, he was recently quoted. "I do feel like I'm a servant of the people. A missionary if you will. Music can heal people if they pay attention to the messages in these songs.” He delivers those messages using the vintage sound whether it be with his lowdown classic blues band the Travelin’ Blues Show or with his Uptown Blues Band. Harpdog says "Blues has a healing power. It's a beautiful celebration of our perfectly flawed lives. We help people forget about their issues of the moment and then they realize that we all have our issues, and that's OK." 

Vancouver-based Harpdog Brown is a gifted vocalist and an imaginative harmonica player born in Edmonton in 1962. An adopted child, he has felt somewhat detached his whole life - "a lifelong battle of not feeling like I belonged. I feel like I was born for the circus, you know, born to travel. The blues tapped me on the shoulder years ago and said 'this is where you belong, son'. So the blues became my circus and there's no better way to travel than with a band!”

His new album For Love & Money entered the Living Blues Album Charts at #6 in May 2019. #1 in Canada on the Roots Music Report for June 22, 2019 as well as #10 in their International Blues Chart and #2 in Classic Blues!